The label will state the strength. In some countries hydrogen peroxide is measured in volume. I honestly can’t believe HOW well this worked! Cat Urine Odor is AWESOME. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for sharing this information.

I recommend a product called SSScat. It is completely safe and harmless. You can usually purchase it on ebay. Clean the cat litter trays daily. Keep Cat Litter trays in a quiet location. Diabetes in cats can cause increased urination.

Your cat may be suffering from Feline Stress. Cats do not like to use the toilet near to where they eat. That’s not surprising neither do we! Try to reinforce positive behavior. Which Breed is right for you? How to get rid of dog pee or cat urine from carpet or wood floors when selling a home with pet odors that linger.

People often say cat urine is the worst. I was initially against it. Until the seller told me the house smelled like dog pee and cat urine. There were spots everywhere on the carpeting throughout the house. It looked like the previous tenants had locked a pack of dogs or cats in the house for months, with no way for them to get outside. The urine smell was so bad I had to hold a scarf over my nose.

Which didn’t help much with the odor. Bacteria builds up, and the urine is soaked not only into the carpeting but also into the pad below and, in some instances, the wood floors and its sub-floor. Pet urine can also seep into concrete. The seller were thinking of using bleach to clean the concrete floors after removing the urine-stained carpeting. Bleach will not kill the odor of dog pee or cat urine. Ditto on the list of things not to use to clean up dog pee or cat urine is ammonia. That’s because dog and cat urine has an ammonia odor.

Ammonia will make it smell worse. And whatever you do, don’t ever combine bleach with ammonia or you could die from inhaling the fumes. Mixing bleach and ammonia is extremely dangerous. Common household items such as vinegar, peroxide, dish detergent or baking soda all work to some degree, but they never really get rid of that persistent stinky urine odor. There is a permanent and effective solution. It’s just not for everybody.

My cat, Brandon, lived another 5 years after he was diagnosed with kidney disease. I made him a pen to sleep in at night. It was 4 feet x 4 feet, wrapped on all four sides and the floor in a plastic tarp, the type that people throw over leaky roofs. He had a low-rise litter box and a cat condo. I replaced the tarp from time to time and regularly cleaned it, which kept my home odor free from urine smells. But before he was diagnosed with kidney disease, Brandon had already destroyed two bathrooms. He waited until we went on vacation and then, in an obvious state of distress, began to use an area in the bathroom as his litter box. This went on for 2 weeks. He did the same thing a short while later in our second bathroom. Both of the baths had carpeting. No home should have carpeting in the bath. I really did not want to deal with a cat urine problem. I gutted the first bathroom and completely remodeled it. In the second bath, I pulled up the floor and replaced the sub-floor, then tiled over it.