Cover the entire piece with baking soda by sprinkling it and rubbing it in gently to get to deeper odors. Allow the baking soda to sit on the piece overnight. Vinegar is a well-known odor remover and is safe to use on most surfaces. Always test a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture piece with the cleaning solution first to make sure no staining, color fading or other damage will occur.

Begin by mixing a solution of one part vinegar and one part water in the spray bottle. For severe cases, you may want to use two parts vinegar with one part water. It will remove more of the odor, but may also take longer for the vinegar smell to go away. Spray the solution on the furniture piece to moisten the surface. Repeat as necessary until the odor is gone. Begin by mixing a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water in the spray bottle.

Spray the entire piece down liberally. While the surface is still moist, spread baking soda on the surface and gently scrub with scrub brush. When almost dry, vacuum excess baking soda from the surface. When completely dry, vacuum again to remove the remaining baking soda. The sun offers a natural way to remove the bacteria that causes odor and freshen up any piece of furniture. Vacuum the entire surface of the furniture.

Move the piece outdoors into direct sunlight. If the piece is heavy, have a friend assist you. Allow the piece to stay in direct sunlight all day. The ultraviolet rays will kill the odor-causing bacteria and freshen up the smell. If the odor remains, you could also try to utilize a steam cleaner to kill the bacteria living in the fabric. If all attempts to remove the odor fail, consult a professional cleaning service or look into purchasing a replacement piece. What is missing from or wrong with this cleaning guide?

This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms. To get the body odor smell out of furniture, doesn’t it depend upon how long the body has been there? We bought a couch from a flea market. It is in great shape, but when you sit on it, it stinks. We have sprayed it with different products, but nothing has worked. It also has a hideaway bed. I guess it’s made out of suede or soft leather, but it is not smooth.

I just want the smell gone. Best way to get rid of a smell on a carpet or sofa? Sunlight over time will kill most smells. Then put out in the sun. Several days in direct sunlight does wonders. Vodka spritzed on before setting out in the sun will also work. Keep at it for a few weeks in the summertime and you will be rewarded with a fresh couch.

Your email address will not be published. The furniture that looks oh, so comfy to you is just as inviting to your dog. Over time, that four-legged lounging on the couch results in upholstery that smells like the dog, or even worse. If you opt to allow the dog to rest on the furniture, regular cleaning helps keep your sofa or chair smelling its best. Placing a blanket on the sofa just for your furry friend, after you’ve cleaned, also helps keep the odor contained and off the upholstery. Vacuuming upholstery removes dog hair and dander. If the less-than-fresh furniture has removable cushions, take the cushions outdoors and smack them to remove loose dander, dust and fur. Vacuum the area beneath sofa cushions, where debris tends to accumulate, using the upholstery brush attachment and the crevice tool for those hard-to-reach areas. Vacuum the cushions, chair or sofa arms and legs — virtually every upholstered area. If the furniture is easy to flip on its side, vacuum the underside as well, because loose fur may accumulate on uncovered springs or webbing, adding to the odor problem. Baking soda, sometimes used as a means to deodorize your refrigerator, also helps rid furniture of funky dog odors. Sprinkle baking soda liberally over all upholstered surfaces that smell: sofa and chair cushions, arms and back, and even a bed mattress.