Ladies who have knee problems and difficulty squatting in indian toilets will love this. Its very simple to use. There are a few videos on youtube on how to use. It’s a luxury for ladies, Super convinient gives u a clean feeling I used it at quite a few public toilets,  So ladies give it a try n say bye bye to invisible chairs in unhygienic toilets.

Amazing thing you have launched, I have already tried it and this is wow! Next time u find dirty toilets don’t hesitate to stand and pee. Restaurants, Night Clubs, Malls, Cinema Halls, Friends House, Travel, Concert, Pregnancy etc. Ghitorni, New Delhi — 110030. Beagle Puppies For Sale ! Once that is completed we will redirect you to our new page.

Until then, please call or text us at 607-743-1397 for information on upcoming litters and any questions you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your consideration. Here are some of our past puppies that found new homes. We want to take the time to say thank you to all those who bought a puppy from us. A puppy’s nose should be slightly moist to the touch, with no excessive amount of discharge. The pups skin and coat should be soft and shiny, not flaky or have large amounts of shedding.

The pup also should not have any sores or bumps. A healthy puppy might be sleepy but, will be playful at times and is not isolated in a corner. When it’s mealtime the pup will be interested in it’s food. The area where the pup spends its time should be clean. The pup should not be vomiting or coughing. Did you know if you had a male puppy neutured before the age of 6 months he won’t lift his leg to pee. The tip of a beagles tail must be white for it to be true beagle.

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