They say they are waiting on GM to release . This is what I have for docs IR 22SE17 part number 84353676. Clicking front wheel when turning left ? I purchased it from George Matick Chevy in Michigan. I’m back in the saddle!

Do ACS guards cover the whole tire? Also, do they fit Z06 or is there a special version that I need? What guard would you recommend? Are the ACS splash guards good or should I go with Apsis? Really confused as to what happened. I hear a loud pop.

Eddie at weapon X said it is on the way. 142 video from his home track Tucson AZ track on the C7Z06 fast list thread. Just got my 17 Z06. I have read on the forum that alignments from factory are hit or miss. Also read that GM will provide a free alignment. The car has been in the garage and on the charger for the last month.

Anyone else get drop spindles for Christmas, just wondering. What’s the trick for getting the A8 into the power band for roll racing? For the past 10 years and going we have been the Worlds Leader in Aftermarket wheels for the Corvette both C6 and C7. Forged Wheels and CW4L when only the best will do. I tried to talk the dealer into a wheel swap but was not successful. Match the sound to the performance of you C7 Corvette with CORSA Performance Exhaust!

Gm said the weight for the Z06 is 3524. It seems that figure is the heaviest possible. Anyone else weigh the C7 Z06? This thread will contain multiple sales posts. I have these in stock and ready to roll. Bolt them on and have fun.

Have noted an odd vibration that feels almost like running over rumble strips at highway speed. With free shipping to the lower 48 states. Discounts for 5 days only. I’m considering adding a more aggressive rear diffuser. I am not a Carbon Fiber fan so would want it painted carbon flash to match the rest of the trim. Looks better than when the guy took it off the truck. Just got my new 2018 Z06 2LZ with 4 miles on it ceramic coated.

Got a service axle light. Pump or some valve in traction control pump had failed. Corvette Forum, I think it’s a good time for us to have this thread! 6061 T6 forged monoblock wheels sold to fellow Vette and Z06 owners. Deity Motorsports pictures and sale thread! CW4L and Forgeline Carbon Wheels Wow! I’ve been working with several Z07 package owners looking for another set of wheels with street tires on them to use the Z07 package tires for the track or just save them for the fun sunny days! Simply remove your old roof, Replace it with this one! Just thought I’d share some photos of our ZO6 airbrushed coil covers we have been working on. Cant believe the last 2018 corvette model will stop at the end of this month. DBA replacement rotor rings are in stock for your C7 Z06. Hey guys, I just wanted to get your take on possibly running E30 in my C7Z. I have a few bolts ons and I’m currently tuned to run 98-100 octane. I do not have a flex fuel sensor. Perhaps the best all around, all weather car cover on the market.