For any cat residing in San Jose. Low cost clinic for spaying, neutering, and vaccinations. Please visit their web site for important information about their great s-n clinic for ferals, which operates on Sunday. Also offers low cost testing and vaccinations. For residents of a particular area, low cost s-n.

Provides discount certificates for all Kern County residents. Rohnert Park, Penngrove or Cotati. For pets of qualifying low income people. Assistance with feral cats — and also low cost s-n vouchers for cats and dogs of low income residents of Petaluma. For pets and ferals in the upper Napa Valley area. Victor Valley area of the Mojave Desert.

Paso Robles to Santa Maria. Concerned People for Animals, Inc. SSPCA, or low-income people, or senior citizens. Friends of Animals provides discount certificates for spaying and neutering. They’ll send you an order form and a directory of participating veterinarians nationwide. You pay Friends of Animals for a certificate which you then take to the vet. Veterinarians are invited to call for information about participating.

Private veterinarians, community programs, and special clinics participate nationwide. USA’s packet of materials to distribute to local vets and organizations. Go Daddy Website Builder 7. The best care for your best friend! Receive pertinent veterinary information and valuable savings opportunities. More information on what you will need to do before and after a spay or neuter. We ensure your pet gets the best treatment.

Our mission is to provide optimal care for your pets at affordable prices! We are sensitive to the bond that exists between pets and their owners. In our Arizona low cost spay and neuter clinic we are committed to maintain the highest standard possible, and make you feel as comfortable as possible letting us care for your pet. At PAWS, your modern AZ spay neuter clinic, your pet will receive the best treatment possible as we set a new benchmark for Spay and Neuter Clinics. Please forward this error screen to 216. Adoption Centre for stray and unwanted cats.

Helping cats in the Evesham area for over forty years ! Our adult cats are very comfortable in their own, purpose built, pens. We are running very low on newspapers for litter tray liners at our Adoption Centre. If you have any used newspapers, in reasonably good condition, we would be very grateful to recieve them. We are unable to serve international traffic at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please call our toll free number to discuss ordering. We will be happy to contact you. Cats and Kittens die in shelters EVERYDAY! The solution is spay and neuter, no excuses. You only have to do it once! Kittens as young as 4 months old can get pregnant -don’t wait FIX BY MONTH FOUR! The sooner WE begin caring for outside cats, the sooner it can be «fixed. ACCC is a 501C3 charitable organization. 40 years has not worked . Make a difference and help us help them. It takes an entire community to address the situation of neighborhood cats. Join the growing trend for TNR! ACCC helps concerned, proactive people assist feral cats living in their neighborhood. We are here to answer questions about feral cats and TNR.