I suggest that you keep the specimen and bring this for evaluation at the laboratory . It is important that this has to be ascertained that what you have passed is indeed a stone. Have you been recently diagnosed with kidney stones by  a physician? What are your associated symptoms? What is your comment to VanessaMD’s answer? I am not certain if I did have a kidney stone, but after speaking to several individuals that have done so, it was concluded that I probably did based on my symptoms.

I began have cramps in my lower abdomen and on my right side and right lower back. The pain was not severe, just bothersome. After having supper last night, which included a larage dr. I didn’t feel nauseous or anything. After a short time, the pain subsided. When I went to bed last night,  the pain returned. I took some ibuprofen and used my heating pad to see if this would help.

The pain did ease off some, but about an hour and half later, it came back. I tried to switch positions in bed, but nothing worked. As I was laying there, the pain slowly seemed to move from my lower back, to my side, then up front toward my stomach. The pain lessened enough to where I was able to get up and go to the restroom. I did go to the bathroom, but never saw anything that looked like a stone. My urine was a light brownish color.

I have used several otc uti kits and I happened to have one on hand. I had collected a sample and used the kit to see if there was any hint of an infection, but nothing showed up. After going to the restroom, the pain had almost completely disappeared. I went back to bed and when I got up a couple of hours later, there was no pain at all and so far, the pain has not returned. What is your comment to kelseysmom2001’s answer? With a significant family history of kidney stones and with the way you have described your symptoms, this is likely to be a kidney stone disease.

However, at this point, without an objective examination, kidney stone disease shall remain as a primary differential. I suggest that your seek immediate evaluation by a urologist. A baseline urinalysis and urine culture may be able to help rule out an underlying infection or the presence of a kidney stone. A baseline kidney ,ureter and bladder ultrasound may also help. I am not sure about the sensitivity and predictive value of the OTC UTI kits. I advice that you see your physician about this. Drink plenty of water and eat well.

Keep us posted with regards to physician’s advice. I went to the doctor Monday night and they did a urinalysis. It showed a lot of red blood cells. The doctor said that due to the color of the urine late Sunday night and early day Monday and the pain that I had Sunday night, I probably passed a stone, but also had a pretty severe kidney infection as well. They are doing a urine culture to see what other information they can get. I have to go back in after I finish the antibiotics for another urinalysis. Yes, you had experienced gross hematuria and this usually needs prompt assessment and further evaluation.

Is the bleeding still as prominent as your previous void ? Take the complete course of antibiotics and have a follow up with your physician so that you response to the antibiotics will be assessed. The results of your urine culture will help guide your treatment. At this point, is there any presence of crystals in your urinalysis  that may suggest an underlying urinary tract stone? Were blood tests done to measure blood calcium or uric acid levels? At this point, I have no idea what was in the urinalysis. All the doctor mentioned was the red blood cells. I am taking my antibiotics every night and plan to go back on Monday for the 2nd urinalysis. Since my visit on Monday, there has been no more visual evidence of blood. As for blood tests, they didn’t perform any at my first visit, but they may do some when I go back next week. I really don’t know for sure. Visually, it seems that urine did not present with any bleeding but microscopically your physician has noted red blood cells. This will still require further evaluation.